1992 Cummins First Gen Parts in Delano, CA

Last Updated: 9/22/2018 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Location: Delano, California

Asking Price: Not Listed

Key Part(s) Info

  • Year(s): 1992
  • Part Number: Not Listed
  • Brand: OEM
  • Other Fits: Ram Trucks

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

1992 dodge cummins first gen

Lots of 72 to 93 truck and Ramcharger parts front suspension parts leaf springs fuel tanks column etc

prices are firm all grilles and front bumpers have been sold

Doors panels fenders hoods

Craigslist Link Expired

Last Updated on January 28, 2019 by Ramcharger


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  1. I am looking for a break caliper mounting bracket (left side) for a 1982 D350. This bracket has the indented holes where the bolts go. If you have one or know someone who might have one please let me know. [email protected]

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