1988 V8 Auto in Punta Gorda, FL

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Location: Punta Gorda, Florida

Asking Price: $5,700

1988 punta gorda fl

Key Features

  • Year: 1988
  • Odometer: 86,000
  • Engine: 8 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below


More Details & Pictures

Rare 1988 Dodge Ramcharger. Body is in good original shape. Some rust but not much for the age. I have a clean Florida title.

It was my dream to restore this classic but I have ran out of money part of the way through. I did have the 360 re-machined, and they added a more powerful towing cam. That cost me $4800 ($3900 for the engine reman and $900 to remove old engine and put in new one.) so the engine is essentially new and has no miles. It has a new electric radiator from summit racing. I have a new aftermarket ac unit from summit racing and the original unit depending on what you want to do. I bought a new hood. The new harness, radiator, ac, hood, and all parts was well over $4000, so most of the cost here is for new parts. You’re getting the truck for free. Either way, I’m losing money on this and having to see my dream crushed, so please be kind. I don’t need people trashing this and making low ball offers. If you’ve ever had your dreams crushed, then you know the feeling. All new wiring harness was being completed by a technician. So it has the new wiring harness partly installed, but I have the original dash and harness to complete this. So its somewhat in pieces right now, but its complete and ready to restore. It does have the original rear hatch, but I wanted a stronger hatch than the original fiberglass ones, so I had a metal frame fabricated. I am including the new metal frame/new hatch. That cost me $2500.

I have too many parts to mention going with this, including the original seats, dash, etc. I had new mustang style racing seats with houndstooth and leather fabric made for this, but now will likely be keeping them for my next project unless someone wants to give me $1,200 a piece for each seat. They were just too expensive and hard to get to let them go with the truck.

Come and take a look. Please read carefully: pardon the rant I’m about to go on here, but I hope you understand. If you are interested in the truck, you must call and leave a voicemail if I do not answer. I’ve been burned in the past by texts and emails that were spam, and am so sick and tired of assholes texting me “Are you real” and “What’s your code.” I have no idea what they are talking about. I’m a pretty simple guy and for thousands of years men have been talking to other men verbally and deciding whether or not to buy something. That’s the way its done with me.

Face to face or verbally over the phone. I’m sorry if you young phone addicts don’t understand that, but that’s the way it is gonna be if you want this truck. I assure you I’m a real person, and I deserve, like all people, the respect of having someone actually talk to me on the phone. I’m not a damn robot and I don’t have a “Smart/dumb” phone. This is my truck and I’m simply trying to sell it. I don’t need a bunch of texts bombarding my phone. I did leave a number to call me. So I won’t respond to texts or emails! You must call me if interested! I’m sorry if I seem rude, but I’m beyond sick and tired of craigslist text spam. Anyone who’s ever tried to sell a car on here should understand.

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