1986 360 in Brookings, OR

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Location: Brookings, Oregon

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1986 Brookings OR

Key Features

  • Year: 1986
  • Odometer: 68,000
  • Engine: 360
  • Transmission: Not Listed

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More Details & Pictures

It’s rough around the edges it has a hole in the fuel tank so there’s a gas can that’s on the front floor boards that I used to run from.

There’s a new cap new wires new plugs Holley carb put back on or put on no back seat it’s got dents and dings and there’s no paperwork nor keys you start it with a button and the tires are bald but it Wheels great it sticks hard and goes up about anything and if I can’t do it Forward I can do it backward if there’s anything you need to know call me.

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