Ad Updates For June 7th, 2016

Hello Ramcharger Enthusiasts,

Today (June 7th, 2016), we have listed 10 new Dodge Ramcharger ads to our site.  These listings span 6 different states and 7 model years.


Update Summary:

Number of Ads: 10
Model Years: 1985, 1987, 1983, 1988, 1990, 1989, 1984

See the top 3 listings from the update below.  You can also see the recent ads by using the navigation to the right and selecting United States, viewing the Newest Listings section or by Clicking Here.


1987 4×4 Ramcharger Truck in Boise Idaho

1987 Boise ID
This is a 1987 dodge ramcharger 4×4 suv in running, driving condition. The odometer currently shows 19,xxx- and it runs strong and is ready to go!

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1990 360 Ramcharger  in Greeley Colorado

1990 Greeley CO
Leaving town have to liquidate everything….. 4 wheel drive, 360 engine, 35 gallon gas tank……Give me a call…

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1988 V8 Ramcharger Truck in Largo Florida

1988 Largo FL
Selling my Dodge Ramcharger was my daily driver. It runs and drives tires are like new they have been rotated. Its a v8 cast Iron engine.

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