1993 LE 4×4 New Egypt NJ

Source: Craigslist

State: New Jersey

City: New Egypt

Year: 1993

Miles: 180k

Asking Price: $14,000

Seller Type: Private

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Up for sale is my ’93 Ramcharger. If you’re looking for a Ramcharger you’ve probably seen and even considered quite a few others already; I assure you this one is a step above the rest. Here’s the basics, for full “list” just contact me I’ll be glad to go over all the ins and outs of the truck.

1993 Ramcharger body and frame. 180xxx miles, had a 318, got it from out west, undercarriage/frame/etc is almost completely rust free except for some very light surface rust in a few areas. Seems like people’s idea of “light” is pretty ridiculous around these parts. Light doesn’t mean chunks falling off. Most other trucks out here from the same era are scaled and pitted, rotted through in many areas, especially behind the rear leaf hangers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised after a few minutes underneath this truck with a flashlight. No seized up rusted solid bolts or brackets here.

Tires are 33″ bfg all terrains on 16″ aluminum wheels. Those are bolted to a kingpin Dana 60 up front and 70 in the rear, 3.54 gears. Front has a e-locker, rear limited slip. Just rebuilt the outers with new Solid forged hubs and spindles, timken bearings, new calipers/rotors etc. Hydroboost from a third gen dodge, stops on a dime.

Truck has just a few inches of lift, isn’t jacked up by any means. Leaf packs are a combination of some 4″ lift and stock springs that ride very nice and soft. Flexes exceptionally well, and with the front locker engaged will crawl up damn near anything. Has onboard air compressor and tank as well, makes airing back up a quick and easy process.

Exteriors in good shape with a few small dings and scratches, nothing serious. Clear coat still holding up great. A good buff and polish and she’ll be ready for the show.

Interior has a full set of auto meter gauges, egt, fuel psi, boost, trans temp, water temp, oil psi, rpm. Seats dash and carpet are in very nice shape, as is the rest of the interior(grey cloth). Custom center console houses gauges charging ports and switches. Electrical system was upgraded with two optima red tops, and an assortment of relays to function off of the switches so current isn’t passed through them. Extremely simple, reliable and redundant. Even if you lose both batteries and the alternator she’ll keep running. No emissions junk to deal with, no sensors to go bad.

Engine has a few light mods; fresh ve44 pump with the usual tweaks, hx35 turbo, 12cm housing, custom intake pipe, 4″ exhaust, piston lift pump. Re sealed blasted and painted before swap, bearings, crank rods and head etc are in excellent shape, probably several hundred thousand miles left on them easily. The shortblock has roughly 280k on it, clearances are like new, take care of these motors and as most will tell you, they last. Can’t promise anyone a million miles, but I’ve seen some that made it far past that even. Tuned very well, blows clean under load but will still smoke out the road if you want. Once the turbo takes off the power will surprise you. Only used joe Gibbs dp40 oil, never shut off over 350 degrees egt. No blowby issues or crazy vibes/noises like most other diesels from this era; the fluid damper really smooths things out.

Trans and t case both have under 20k miles on them. The 47rh is a hydraulic controlled unit, found in 94/95 cummins trucks and is incredibly stout. The manual lockup works excellent on the highway or while towing. Cruises 75 all day comfortably. Rear custom CV shaft.

Only items that need attention are the weatherstripping on the doors(not falling apart but just old and flat) and the steering gear will have a drip under it every few days or so. Truck is rock solid, wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country, I’ve done a couple 2000 miles trips in it. Daily driver for a while as well, 20mpg average in rural areas. Overall a very capable truck that you can put your family/friends in and conquer difficult trails and highways alike.

If you’re interested contact me as there’s probably plenty im leaving out; it would take forever to type it all. Price is Obo, trades + cash considered.


1993 New Egypt NJ


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  1. Would you consider a skidsteer trade. I have a JD317 on (VTS bolt on tracks $10K new). 14K LBS trailer, forks, 72″ bucket, tree shear.

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