1991 4X4 SE Roswell NM

Source: Craigslist

State: New Mexico

City: Roswell

Year: 1991

Miles: 125,589

Asking Price: $11,950

Seller Type: Dealer

Contact Info: (575) 637-6611



This truck is absolutely stunning for its age it boasts an exterior color of silver Metallic and Jet black all with red cloth interior. This truck also has almost every option available including tilt wheel, air conditioning, heating, power windows, power locks, high lifting seats, cruise, rear defroster, power mirrors, and AM/FM cassette all with the powerful V-8 318 engine. This truck is absolutely unreal looking. From a few feet away you would think it’s actually off the showroom floor. It does, however, have a few chips and small scratches and it does have some rust underneath with more under the rear wheels and back as any 4×4 with the miles would have. I would be happy to do FaceTime or extra pictures for you just to show you the small details. Take one look at the chrome and you will absolutely amazed that this truck is almost 25 years old. The truck is as rare as you can get in a 2dr FOUR-wheel-drive SUV market! Look closely at every picture as you will see everything including the factory alloy wheels, rear hitch and the bumpers all the grills and everything on this truck is as it came! It looks like it’s been garage most of its life. If you compare this truck to anything like an 88 to 91 or 92 2dr Blazer or Jimmy the value is half of them! Quite honestly, you can buy this one for $11950.00. This short coupled SUV is absolutely perfect for mountain living of any kind of. Its perfect for a high mountain range with short couple turns, because this truck makes this easy to maneuver up-and-down and off of a mountain with the low range transfer case. It’s absolutely a work horse! I actually have two sets of keys, a set of books, and the real MSRP window sticker, and all the warranty books to this truck. I also owned this truck out right, I paid cash for it and I have the title in my hand so it’s free from any encumbrances or liens of any type. There’s no release of liens on the title so everything you need to do to be able to get this to go the day you pick it up is ready. I can always help arrange transportation for you to get to me if you need to fly and you can get here fast on American Airlines to Roswell via Dallas. Other airlines fly to El Paso, Albuquerque, Lubbock, Midland, Amarillo, and their all approximately less than 200 miles away. We can arrange someone there to pick you up if we need to. If you would like to know more about this truck or have more pictures sent to you can actually do that through an email with me. I’ll send you more pictures or I will do face time with you one-on-one and you can ask which pieces you want to look at and I’ll show you everything about this truck so when you get here you know what you’re buying.


1991 Roswell NM

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