1990 V8 Auto Anchorage AK

Source: Craigslist

State: Alaska

City: Anchorage

Year: 1990

Miles: Not Listed

Asking Price: $1,000

Seller Type: Private Owner

Contact Info: (469) 834-1501


Moving out of Anchorage and selling my truck. it runs and drives but a work in progress.

The good

its a solid truck. it does have cancer in the common place.
The interior is nice red cabin seats with center console.
Strong engine: it has a bad fluid leak on the water pump or heater core. fluid coming out at the bottom of water pump.
4×4 works good.
interior lights and gauges work
brand New battery
brand new computer
tail lights turn signals revers lights all work
tagged til 2016.

The Bad

transmission needs a little work but drivable.
The fluid leak is bad and causes it to over heat and keeping the heater from working. if it is fixed the heater works awesome.
old tires needs New tires
needs to fix the keys. driver side doesn’t open w key but opens w power locks.
various dents and dings on doors front and back bumpers and cracked windshield.
head lights work but a bit wonky.

so basically this has been a Wasilla truck for a long time. when I bought it I had to fix some electrical parts to it but it’s a good solid truck that is either a project or some mild fixes make it a great work truck. it’s solid and most of it runs good. it was a daily driver up until 2 days ago when the fluid situation became too much and didn’t want to damage engine but it does start and drive.
if you want to come look at it just give me a call or email.

1990 Anchorage AK

1990 Anchorage AK

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