1989 Leesburg Washington DC

No Longer Available

Source: Craigslist

State: Washington DC

City:  Leesburg

Year: 1989

Miles: Not Listed

Asking Price: $5800

Seller Type: Private

Contact Info:  No Longer Available

Message:  1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4wd with 318 fuel injection, 88,000 original miles, just spent $3000 on new brakes, rotors, ball joints, radiator, flow master exhaust, steering shaft and rag joint, water pump and list of other things then another $1500 on new shocks, tires and wheels and all this work hs maybe 15 miles on it. No rust through since it is originally from down south, has had one repaint that was not prefect so some signs of needing a repaint, needs headliner and door seals which I have the seals. Seats are in good shape, carpet is descent. I have over $7500 in it.., $5,800

1989 Leesburg Washington DC

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