1989 Badges / Emblems in Ann Arbor, MI

Last Updated: 8/9/2016 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Asking Price: $50

Key Part(s) Info

  • Year(s): 1989
  • Part Number: Not Listed
  • Brand: OEM
  • Other Fits: Most 80's Models

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: Not Provided
  • Email: Email Seller


More Details & Pictures

For sale are the badges / emblems off my 1989 Dodge Ramcharger. I’m not interested in restoring my truck so I’m selling off parts I don’t need. All five badges including the steel DODGE hood emblem. Local pickup only. Asking $50 cash. May be willing to split up the set for the right price. Please email if interested. Thanks.

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