1987 4×4 Camp Pendleton CA

Source: Craigslist

State: California

City: Camp Pendleton

Year: 1987

Miles: 147K

Asking Price: $1500

Seller Type: Private

Contact Info: 8127187837

Message: First like to say I do not need to sell so price is set. I have a 87 ramcharger its a 5.2l (318cu) with a 4 speed trans and 4×4 . . . it recently quit its the timing chain which if this post is up longer than a week then it’ll be fixed. . . honestly the interior is fait to bad . . . meaning the seats are ripped the bed panels have been beatin up . . . the body has small dents in it but is very solid, the left front tire blew out on me a dented the front fender . . . . after that all tires have been replaced so all new 31’s within the past 2000 miles . . . as for smog it did not pass I had a new cat put in that coated 300$ when that didn’t fixx it I had it registered in another state . . . . the windows have been tinted with 5% all that being said I’ll take $800 for it not running that’s with you paying to get it where ever you want it . . . or $1500 when I fix it and its running. You can contact me several ways email text or call just know through the week I won’t respond until late at night but I will respond.

1987 Camp Pendleton CA

1987 Camp Pendleton CA side


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