1984 Rear Chrome Bumper Hot Springs Village, AR

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 11/30/18 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Location: Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Asking Price: $60

Key Part(s) Info

  • Year(s): 1984
  • Part Number: Not Listed
  • Brand: OEM
  • Other Fits: N/A

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Details & Pictures

Used rear bumper with receiver hitch removed from an 84 ramcharger, heavy unit, one dent on passenger side edge and top, see close up pics. Believe it is aftermarket with attachment brackets welded on. Mounted fine prior to removal.



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