1984 318 Lodgepole NE

Source: Craigslist

State:  Nebraska

City: Lodgepole

Year: 1984

Miles: 48K

Asking Price: $1500

Seller Type: Private

Contact Info:  Email Seller

Message: 84 ramcharger royal se. Odo says 48000. Has a 318 with new seals and gaskets with less then 500 miles on it. new starter and alternator, new steering gear box, wheel bearings and lockouts all fluids are fresh besides tranny. New exhaust with cherry bomb mufflers. Currently not running power wire from ignition to coil shorted out and took out the coil also. Ran and drove great before this happened. Needs an adaptor from gear box to pitman arm so it will turn correctly with the lift less than 30 bucks. Will also throw in a set of new shocks it don’t need them but I won’t use them and a haynes repair manual. 1500 located in lodgepole nebraska.

1984 Lodgepole NE


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