1983 Spring TX

Source: Craigslist

State: Texas

City:  Spring

Year: 1983

Miles: Not Listed

Asking Price: $700

Seller Type: Private

Contact Info:  7132049120

Message: looking to sell my toy/mud truck, i currently do not have the title but i’m trying to find it. the 4×4 works great and so does the granny 4 speed transmission.The carb has been removed to be rebuild and i have it ready to go back on. The 31 inch buckshots tires on the truck are almost brand new and are in great shape. needs a battery. If you have any other questions contact me.

1983 Spring TX

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  1. Would you be interested in selling the front passenger seat mount from the floor board to the bottom of the seat, with all the bolts and pieces that are part of the complete assembly?

    If so please contact me. I live just North of Dallas in Frisco.

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