1983 Manual Silver City NM

Source: Craigslist

State: New Mexico

City: Silver City

Year: 1983

Miles: 47k

Asking Price: $2,500

Seller Type: Private Owner

Contact Info: Brian (917) 378-7500


Nice SUV with plenty of power to tow.
Drove from NY to NM.
Many new parts! have a lot of receipts in upgrades!
Truck is in good running condition with strong engine and 4 speed manual transmission, four wheel drive works great! Truck is due for a nice paint job, I leave that for the next owner.
The truck is strong and most parts have been changed or upgraded! It could use a nice tune up since driven 2,500 miles in past few weeks. Needed the truck for a move and now have no use for it, it is by far mint, however it has been reliable.
truck is sold as is with no warranties, what you see is what you get.
If you have more questions or would like to see and test drive call: 917 378 7500

1983 Silver City NM

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