1982 360 V8 Auto Flint MI

No Longer Available

Source: Craigslist

State: Michigan

City: Flint

Year: 1982

Miles: Not Listed

Asking Price: $1,200

Seller Type: Private Owner

Contact Info:  No Longer Available


1982 dodge ram charger 4×4, 360 c.I.D. For sale.

More of a parts truck than a daily, but ran when parked.

Needs u joints, alignment etc.Front bumper is bent. But some newer parts to go along with.

New starter, battery, wiper motor and arms, taillights and dipstick tube, brake pads and rotors ready to put on.

I bought a different truck and this is taking up room.

Painted with bedliner.

Gauges don’t work.

It’s a beast.

Mudder at best.

Might trade for: tires. Complete set of 33/12.5 r15 on 5×5.5 rims, late 1970s ford truck parts, built clean motors 351 cleveland, 400, 429 460 with transmissions. High performance, roll bar, bundle up if you can. Pretty much open to anything vintage ford truck 4×4. Plus cash.

(1991 camaro is for sale too, $1300)

1982 Flint MI

1982 Flint MI

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