1977 Removable Top Auto Central NH

Source: Craigslist

State: New Hampshire

City: Central NH

Year: 1977

Miles: Not Listed

Asking Price: $2K

Seller Type: Private

Contact Info: 603-738-4138

Message: 1977 Dodge Ramcharger.. Has the removable top. The truck is from Dessert Valley auto in Arizona. Their is no instrument cluster so I do not know the true mileage. Their is damage on the passenger side door and rocker panel. I if you have ever seen the show you know that a lot of these vehicles got picked from. It is missing some trim, dash panel, and engine harness. Which is stuff I have.. Has a big block 440 with auto transmission.

I am asking $2000.00 for the Ramcharger.. You will not fine a better rust free truck like this in New England.. No low ball offers. Id rather leave it where it is.. Just looking to see if someone wants it more than me!!!!

1977 Central NH

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  1. We bought one new in ’77, 360 cu n. after 230,000 mi 390. Wife My wife drove it for ten years, then I took it. Had elk, bear, deer, hogs, calves, dogs, smelled like a gut wagon. Forgot a rattle snake in the wheel well for about 4 days in the summer. Wife said, it’s yours. Bout 1987. Cost us a new pickup for her.

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